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Article By: Modest Money
Dollar cost averaging is one of many great strategies to use as an investor. It is particularly beneficial to new investors or those without a large amount of money to invest as they can invest smaller amounts of money on a regular basis.
Article By: Tyler Durden
Global stocks and US equity futures roared upward to new record highs to start the second-to-last week of the year, boosted by optimism over a Republican agreement on the shape of U.S. tax cuts aimed at lifting growth.
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Article By: Lance Roberts
Japan, like the U.S., is caught in an on-going “liquidity trap” where maintaining ultra-low interest rates are the key to sustaining an economic pulse.
Article By: Keith Weiner
It’s good to get out of being a creditor to the Fed by owning gold or even bitcoin. But if you accept the Fed’s core principle—that its counterfeit paper is money—you are still trapped in their system. Your chains are self-made and self-imposed.
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Article By: Jim Van Meerten
Mar E-mini S&Ps (ESH18 +0.36%) this morning are up +0.33% at a new record nearest-futures high and European stocks are up +1.20% at a 1-week high.
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Article By: Anna Coulling
From a technical perspective, any downside target for the index lies at 11930, the price region responsible for creating the double bottom candle pattern of late November/December, and from which the index then rallied to touch a high of 12050.
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Article By: Phil Flynn
Oil prices are on the rise into the holiday as a Nigerian oil worker’s strike and the ongoing problems with the Forties pipeline system lend support.
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Article By: James Picerno
Real estate investment trusts in the US topped a generally rising tide in last week’s market action for the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded products.
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Article By: Yohay Elam
Bitcoin grabs all the headlines with its attempts to break 20K and as trading on BTC futures, including shorts, begins today. With all the fuss, the “second” cryptocurrency is certainly worth watching.
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Article By: The Fly
JPMorgan analyst Doug Anmuth upgraded Twitter to Overweight and raised his price target for the shares to $27 from $20.
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Gary Anderson Commented on Tax Reform & The “Japanification” Of America:

Helicopter money is the only way to grow the economy as labor gets weaker continually.

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