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17 minutes ago

$BMI | Tweezer top | @ resistance & all time high | monthly chart

22 minutes ago
AAR Corp Valuation - Initial Coverage $AIR
24 minutes ago
How To Integrate Multiple Dividend Newsletter Ideas In Your Portfolio
26 minutes ago
retiretoroots akalezafop90 iyam_eyoxuz26 - Thanks for being new top engaged this week :)
31 minutes ago
$USDCAD Yesterday 10.17.17, calling lower into 100% from 1.2599 area.#elliottwave $USDX
32 minutes ago
davidmoadel LOL!! The willingness to humble oneself is inspiring my friend. I'm always in learning mode, even w/years under my belt.
36 minutes ago
$AXP upside cheapies could be worth a lotto, if takes out those 2014/2015 highs can really run
37 minutes ago
SullyCNBC Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. was born in 1924. Harrison Ruffin Tyler was born in 1928.
38 minutes ago
Henrique M. Simões - Trading Course: Watching The Markets & Taking Notes