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E The Lowdown Federal Reserve Bank
Article By: Gary Anderson
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 1:49 AM EDT
The Fed made the Great Recession far worse on purpose but says it was all about providing accommodation!.
Globalization Is More Than Pax Americana
Article By: Marc Chandler
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 11:54 AM EDT
The first doubts over the future of globalization were expressed after 9-11.
The Surprising Cause Of The Much-Feared Next Major Economic Crisis
Article By: Alessandro Bruno
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 11:34 AM EDT
Neoliberalism will be the cause of the next major economic crisis.
Oil Real And Imagined
Article By: Phil Flynn
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 9:11 AM EDT
Oil prices got whacked on oil supply, real and imagined. Talk of futures strategic petroleum reserve releases along with signs of real increases of production in some OPEC countries sent oil into the basement.
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EU And Japan To Sign Free Trade Agreement
Article By: Mike Campbell
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 9:01 AM EDT
The world’s largest and most successful trading bloc, the EU, is to sign a free trade agreement with the world’s third largest economy, Japan, later today.
Morning Call For Tuesday, July 17
Article By: Jim Van Meerten
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 8:13 AM EDT
Sep E-mini S&Ps (ESU18 -0.15%) this morning are down -0.13% and European stocks are down -0.44% on position squaring and long liquidation ahead of Fed Chair Powell's testimony before the Senate Banking Committee later this morning.
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Dollar On Back Foot Ahead Of Powell
Article By: Marc Chandler
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 8:06 AM EDT
The US dollar eased in Asia session and the European morning. The greenback had appeared technically vulnerable, and the economic news stream is light.
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E The Morning Track – Summer Stews
Article By: Robert Savage
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 7:50 AM EDT
The summer market continues with a bias towards clipping coupons and staying on the beach but the drinks are hot and the mixture unpalatable for the long-term.
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Futures Flat Ahead Of Powell As Netflix Shock Lingers Over FAANGs
Article By: Tyler Durden
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 7:06 AM EDT
US equity futures are flat, alongside European and Asian stocks as global markets recovered some ground on Tuesday after oil prices stabilized and as trade war fears subsided with attention still squarely focused on Trump's Putin summit.
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How To Totally Misinterpret Deflationary Impulses
Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 3:00 AM EDT
What happened in 2013 especially with regard to China was a big enough warning that things were getting serious, as they have in the half decade since.
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E Market Briefing For Tuesday, July 17
Article By: Gene Inger
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 2:12 AM EDT
It also should be noted that as the support provided by Oil stocks fades for at least a bit, the illusion of a monolithic market capable of advance fades.
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Fatal Attraction? Mind This ‘Very Tight Relationship’ In Volatility Risk Premia
Article By: The Heisenberg Report
Monday, July 16, 2018 6:06 PM EDT
As things stand currently, the market seems to oscillate between viewing a trade war as inflationary or deflationary.
Pay Attention To Nominal Not Real China GDP
Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
Monday, July 16, 2018 5:51 PM EDT
The slowdown inside China seems to have returned and it is timed to official action.
Trade Dispute Erupts In WTO: US Files Against EU, Four Others, China Against US
Article By: Mish Shedlock
Monday, July 16, 2018 3:20 PM EDT
The WTO has a lot of challenges headed its way.
Morning Call For Monday, July 16
Article By: Jim Van Meerten
Monday, July 16, 2018 8:03 AM EDT
Sep E-mini S&Ps (ESU18 -0.08%) this morning are up +0.02% and European stocks are down -0.11%. Sep E-mine S&Ps posted a new 4-month high in overnight trade on strength in bank stocks.
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Dollar Softens A Little As Market Awaits Developments
Article By: Marc Chandler
Monday, July 16, 2018 7:32 AM EDT
The US dollar is slightly softer against most of the major currencies but is in narrow ranges ahead of today's key events, which include US retail sales and the debate in the UK parliament over Brexit.
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