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The Clash Of Megatrends That Leaves Consumers Without A Chance
Article By: Rodney Johnson
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 12:23 AM EDT
Technology is bringing the best sales techniques to every situation. As consumers, if we don’t continually educate ourselves on what we need and what we can decline, we don’t stand a chance.
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Social Security Payments Up 2% Next Year
Article By: Global Economic Intersection
Saturday, October 14, 2017 8:32 AM EDT
Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for more than 66 million Americans will increase 2.0 percent in 2018, the Social Security Administration announced today.
5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Plan For Retirement
Article By: Kalen Bruce
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 12:44 AM EDT
How does your generation stack up? With infographic.
19 Ways To Withdraw IRA Funds Without Penalty
Article By: Jim Blankenship
Monday, October 9, 2017 10:56 AM EDT
It is key to note that, although these exceptions allow the distribution of funds without triggering the 10% penalty, in most cases the account owner is still liable for the ordinary income tax on distributions.
How To Handle Retirement Withdrawals
Article By: Modest Money
Sunday, October 8, 2017 9:19 AM EDT
The safe withdrawal rate of 4% is a method used by retirees to determine how much they can withdraw from their accounts each year without running out of money before reaching the end of their lives.
The Many Virtues Of Simplicity
Article By: David Merkel
Sunday, October 8, 2017 7:53 AM EDT
If you don’t have that level of understanding, then at some point you will be tempted to change your investments during a period of market duress, and it will likely be a mistake.
College Costs: Some Economic Lessons To Minimize Debt
Article By: Bill Conerly
Saturday, October 7, 2017 11:56 AM EDT
Forethought and good decisions are necessary — either that or substantial wealth.
Equifax And You
Article By: David Vomund
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 12:05 AM EDT
In the wake of the Equifax security breach along with other hacks, here are steps to protect your personal data.
Saving For A Rainy Day… With 140 MPH Winds
Article By: Marc Lichtenfeld
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 4:33 AM EDT
One-third of all Americans don’t have any money saved for emergencies.
The Obamacare "Death Spiral": Health Plans Now Cost Employers More Than A New Car
Article By: Tyler Durden
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 5:12 AM EDT
Annual premiums rose 3% to $18,764 for an employer plan in 2017, from $18,142 last year, the same rate of increase as in 2016, according to an annual poll of employers conducted by Kaiser and the Health Research & Educational Trust.
Do You Look At The Risk-Reward Ratio Of Your Stocks And Bonds?
Article By: Douglas Goldstein
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 11:38 AM EDT
The risk-reward ratio is an attempt to quantify the amount of risk you need to take in order to get an anticipated return from any investment.
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How To Navigate The Equifax Hack
Article By: Sterling Raskie
Friday, September 15, 2017 8:01 PM EDT
Wwhat you can do to move forward with the (hopefully) least financial impact to you and your credit.
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Interview With Derek Sall: The Key To Success Is ...
Article By: Barbara A. Friedberg
Friday, September 15, 2017 10:05 AM EDT
According to Sall, there’s no special secret to wealth. Just work your tail off and earn. Here's how he does it.
Investment Advice For My Children & Grandchildren
Article By: Axel Merk
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 12:08 PM EDT
The beauty of one’s personal earnings power is that one can control it far better than an investment one buys with the push of a button.
Health Insurance Coverage In The US
Article By: Timothy Taylor
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 8:59 AM EDT
Even with the existence of Medicaid and Medicare, those with lower incomes remain less likely to have health insurance (including both public and private health insurance).
Can You Really Afford Your Car Lease?
Article By: John Jamieson
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 5:41 AM EDT
A lease is an agreement you enter into to rent your car for a predetermined length of time (usually 24 to 36 months) for a predetermined monthly payment, and for a set number of miles.
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