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Deficits Do Matter
The Fed has increased the Fed Funds rate by 125 basis points or 1.25% since 2015, which had little effect on bonds until recently. Of late, yields on longer-maturity bonds have begun to rise, contributing to anxiety in the equity markets.
Strategies For Tomorrow
Most investors, knowingly or not, rely on long-only, passive strategies. They may shift holdings between stocks, bonds, and cash at various intervals, but generally, their portfolio returns mimic those of well-known stock and bond indices.
Will The "Real" Real GDP Please Stand Up?
Last month the savings rate in the United States registered one of the lowest levels ever recorded in the past 70 years.
Peak Hubris
The current message from Wall Street analysts, media gurus and most investors is that stock prices will undoubtedly go up for the foreseeable future.
The Next Maestro
The modern day printing of digital dollars from thin air, literally from nothing, brings to mind a Latin phrase “ex nihilo, nihil fit” which means out of nothing, nothing comes.
A Market Valuation That Defies Comparison
While the economy cycles from recession to growth and back, the long-term economic growth trend, or secular GDP, has trended lower for the better part of the last 30 years.




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A strategic investment consultant, serving professional investment managers. Our services provide expertise in capital markets, macroeconomic research and analysis, asset allocation, valuation and risk management.

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