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E Bull Market Carries On, But It Hasn't Carried Everything With It
September 29, 2017 will mark the final trading day of the Q3 2017 period and with that may come some significant rebalancing in the asset management community.
E New York Times Takes Aim At The Volatility Trade And Trading Crowd
Within the New York Times article I acquiesce to the notion that the short-Volatility trade is crowded, but to add a little more granularity to that statement I’d like to offer my statement centers on both sentiment and the term “trade” itself.
E Shorting Volatility Affords Multiple Opportunities
Timing volatility from the long side would prove to be difficult, but adding short positions into volatility spikes has proven more advantageous and with great capital gains.
E Are We Shorting Volatility And How
Since 2015, I’ve been introducing the concept of investing in volatility, something that has proven a painful explanation and education for me personally.
E J.C. Penney Q2 2017 Performance Marred By Forecasting Concerns
J.C. Penney finds itself continuing to struggle. The retailer's quest for stability during a seismic shift in retail consumption has been a daunting challenge for the brand.
E Fitbit Beat Q2 2017 Expectations With Channel Inventory Levels Improving
When Fitbit reported its Q2 results, they weren’t as bad as many of the analysts had anticipated and Fitbit managed very well through a tough transition period.


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Are We Shorting Volatility And How
18 days ago

Return on invest capital or ROIC is the amount of return on the invested capital, not the total return. But inclusive of the other portions of the portfolio I've also done quite well i.e many trades in TGT, FIT, TWTR ownership of FB, INTC, MSFT and a few others that are up nicely.

In this article: UVXY, TVIX, VXX, VIX
Shorting Volatility Affords Multiple Opportunities
18 days ago

So the way I view contango on a percentage basis regarding low-high contango is: Contango below 5 is low, no need to add positions LT but can scalp w/bit more risk. 5% contango edges near high contango and is what I refer to as the chop zone. above 5% contango is high contango where short risk is lesser and can perform daily scalps.10% & ^ is high contango whereby one can consider adding longer-term short positions. It's not a hard and fast formula but it has a good efficacy.

New York Times Takes Aim At The Volatility Trade And Trading Crowd
20 days ago

Thank you for reading gentlemen, have fans and detractors, comes with the territory especially when you're kind of an open book. Best of luck and profits to you!

New York Times Takes Aim At The Volatility Trade And Trading Crowd
20 days ago

Thank you for reading Jon and have a great trading week. We should have some VOL to participate with.

UVXY Reverse Split Ahead: How To Position When Volatility Spikes
24 days ago

Most welcome, glad you found it informative!

In this article: UVXY, TVIX, VIX, COST
Shorting Volatility Affords Multiple Opportunities
27 days ago

Thank you Chad and Seth is just fine by me. Experts...had my fair share of run in with experts over the years for which my dedication to a field of study or market participation proved a pretty valid and profitable path. I hope those who have read my works over the last 5,6 years have learned and continue to learn that if they have the time and dedication they can achieve great investing success.

Shorting Volatility Affords Multiple Opportunities
28 days ago

Thank you for reading Vinay and for the compliments! I will have a website in the coming months that hopefully helps to more conveniently and daily engage investors and traders. Thank you again and I hope your trading has benefited from mine and other's articles on TalkMarkets.

Are We Shorting Volatility And How
1 month ago

Thank you Vibrant for the comment and complement. Hopefully some of the articles have found there way to your betterment of trading and investing as well!

In this article: UVXY, TVIX, VXX, VIX
Fitbit Beat Q2 2017 Expectations With Channel Inventory Levels Improving
1 month ago

Thanks for your comment. Review that perspective with regards to previous years where that was about SODA, GMCR, SKUL, GPRO etc. All still around. In fact, the comment defies most every CPG that comes to market w/over $1Bn in sales. Simply put, you likely need to perform a bit more due diligence to understand the lifecycle of a CPG company i.e. boom, bust, resurgence, stagnation etc.

In this article: FIT
ProShares Is Doing "The Splits": What This Means For Volatility Investing Strategies
2 months ago

Thank you for the comment Paul. Understand that I tried to initiate the equation as a form of practicality. As such the equation does not read $12.50-40% = $7. The $7 merely represents the decided upon split price for the sake of the narrate. Practically, we have no way to know what the share price will be the evening before the actual split takes place. The equation I offered simply sets parameters for simplification and under practical use. Moreover, I wouldn't be able to define one's trading from $12.50 down to $7 mark and equate a loss absent the parameters I set. For clarity I basically offered the acquisition price and share count, an unrealized loss at which point I set a reverse split at $7 to occur. Hope that helps and best of profits to you. Thank you again!

In this article: UVXY
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Understanding Volatility And Vetting Resources Is Required For VIX Traders
The VIX or volatility doesn’t die nor does it have the ability to die, but rather it expresses an ability for a market or markets to mature past the point of greatest fears and from the events that cause fear to have taken place.

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