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ProShares Is Doing "The Splits": What This Means For Volatility Investing Strategies
25 days ago

Thank you for the comment Paul. Understand that I tried to initiate the equation as a form of practicality. As such the equation does not read $12.50-40% = $7. The $7 merely represents the decided upon split price for the sake of the narrate. Practically, we have no way to know what the share price will be the evening before the actual split takes place. The equation I offered simply sets parameters for simplification and under practical use. Moreover, I wouldn't be able to define one's trading from $12.50 down to $7 mark and equate a loss absent the parameters I set. For clarity I basically offered the acquisition price and share count, an unrealized loss at which point I set a reverse split at $7 to occur. Hope that helps and best of profits to you. Thank you again!

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Amazon's Acquisitions Create Adverse Reactions
1 month ago

The grocery business is highly complex and complicated to maintain, nonetheless maintain profitably over extended periods of time. It's one thing to sell groceries that are dry goods as Amazon has and will continue to do, it's an entirely different thing to sell cold, frozen and dairy foods. Expirations, shelve lives and the necessity of sourcing locally is NOT in any way shape or form something Amazon has done on scale or with any proficiency along the lines of what I've noted within. Moreover, there is a profound reason as to why the major beverage companies have a dominant position within the grocery supply chain inclusive of DSD operations. Again, this is not something that is available to Amazon and obviously as such Amazon has NO experience with this such aspect of the grocery business. The beverage and snack business make the grocery business profitable, most everything else outside of meats is considered minimal profit to losses. Amazon likely understands this as it has been trying for many years now to expand its grocery business to include greater sales volumes, but without a DSD, high volume business it has been extremely difficult. So you buy Whole Foods with local sourcing DSD operations and all that comes with the business of selling cold, frozen dairy goods. Having said all of that, Amazon will still likely not be successful without large scale modifications to the Whole Foods business model as Whole Foods has a very finite consumer base. Again, Amazon likely understands this but most importantly...and here is the biggest takeaway as we share this experience going forward: Amazon doesn't care. Amazon doesn't care because its shareholders don't care. We're talking about a company that went unprofitable were over a decade and with the stock price doing nothing but appreciating over that time period. So while we banter and rationalize this acquisition whichever way we choose to do so, no matter what the outcome, shareholders will likely continue not to care as the core Amazon business has proven disruptive and, now, more profitable than ever. Maybe the real question is can Amazon do no wrong? Thank you all for the comments and sharing!

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Amazon's Acquisitions Create Adverse Reactions
1 month ago

The food and logistics supply chain is dry complicated, cumbersome and wildly expensive. I like the comparison offered, but it's highly unlikely that in this particular case, "better" is going to be the outcome.

In this article: AMZN
Amazon's Acquisitions Create Adverse Reactions
1 month ago

selling food online and doing so successfully are two different indicators. Their market share clearly indicates they don't have good experience and know how or likely the right skill sets and personnel.

In this article: AMZN
Amazon's Acquisitions Create Adverse Reactions
1 month ago

Grocery logistics is far different than what Amazon understands or has experienced proficiency with. That is what they are actually acqui omg in the deal, not bringing to the table. On a mass scale Amazon doesn't have scaled expiry, chargeback and DSD experience as they don't have those busines relationships or operations.

In this article: AMZN
So They Say Shorting Volatility Is Like Playing With Dynamite...
1 month ago

Thank you for the comment and the introduction to the title. Kindly let me digest the content and offer a response later in the week. Thank you for reading and considering my article Japela!

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Quarterly Update For Golden Capital Portfolio: Tesla Remains In Focus After Quick Profits
1 month ago

You are more than welcome to email me privately.

Comey's Testimony, European Central Bank & U.K Snap Election May All Produce Greater Volatility This Week
1 month ago

Thank you for reading and the sentiment. Yes I plan on covering some positions and hopefully recapturing them later in the week.

Appreciation: Volatility And Trading Significant Volatility Spikes
2 months ago

I don't really prefer using options for VIX-leveraged instruments as they can be restrictive and carry relatively high premiums. However if I was forced to define my risk I would probably utilize buy UVXY puts with long-dated strikes.

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VIX-Leveraged ETPs And The 5% Contango Rule
2 months ago

In my experience, as I have used a plethora of brokerages/platforms since 2001, Scottrade is the only one that has never called in shares on mine or associates' accounts.

In this article: VIX
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Seth Golden
TankTopTrader Something going on w/AMZN, I'll let the dust settle. Check that intraday chart, it's causing the calamity imo
Seth Golden
Atlas95_Atlas that's not how I trade. 3000 shares I can hold onto, was hoping for something quick but we'll see.
Seth Golden
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