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Yohay Elam has been into forex trading for over 5 years, and shares the experience and the knowledge accumulated after taking a short course about forex. Like many forex traders, Elam has earned the significant share of his knowledge the hard way. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ... more

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UK Inflation Slides To 3% As Expected – GBP Continues Downward Correction
Inflation in the UK slides to 3% y/y as expected. Month over month, this is an advance of 0.4%.
GBP/USD Forecast Jan. 15-19 2018
GBP/USD defied gravity and worrying data to stay afloat, taking advantage of the weakness of the US dollar and eventually ended the week at the highest levels since the Brexit vote. This week features the inflation report and retail sales numbers.
USD/CAD Forecast Jan. 15-19 2018
Dollar/CAD advanced despite many things going in favor of the C$. Is it a correction to the big move following the jobs report? Here are the highlights and an updated technical analysis for USD/CAD.
AUD/USD Forecast Jan. 15-19 2018
The Australian dollar had another successful week, enjoying upbeat data and global optimism. The jobs report and China’s GDP stand out in a busy week. Here are the highlights of the week and an updated technical analysis for AUD/USD.
USD/JPY Beginning To Fall – Forecast Jan. 15-19 2018
Dollar/yen finally made a move and it was down. A small surprise from the BOJ and USD weakness, now originating from China, were the main culprits. Will the pair fall even lower?
EUR/USD: To 1.23? 1.30? Where Next After The Big Breakout?
EUR/USD rallied on the news about a German coalition, a somewhat bullish ECB and the great weakness of the US dollar, that failed to rally on good American figures. What’s next? Here are four opinions:
EUR/USD Forecast Jan. 15-19, 2018
EUR/USD dropped to lower ground but recovered nicely in a week that saw more volatility than the prior week.
EUR/USD Breaks Above 1.21 To The Highest In 3 Years
Euro/dollar hesitated under the 2017 high of 1.2090. No more. It made a clear break and is at 1.2127. The fresh incentive is the news that German politicians have reached a deal on a coalition after an all-night negotiation session.
USD/CAD: Pricing A Higher NAFTA Risk Premium Into The Loonie; What’s Next?
Market participants are pricing a higher risk premium into the loonie to reflect the rising likelihood of a less favorable outcome from NAFTA talks.
Pound Pressure: 3 More Worrying Indications Weighing On The Economy
The British pound slipped under 1.35 once again. The previous fall was related to mediocre data such as the trade balance, and this drop is also related to worrying signs for the British economy.
Korean Crypto Crash – The Beginning Of A Huge Downfall Or A Buying Opportunity?
Police and tax agencies in South Korea raided exchanges of cryptocurrencies searching for evidence of potential tax evasion. Coinone and Bithumb are under investigation for quite some time, but these fresh raids are a ramping up of these efforts.
Is EUR/USD Still Stuck Around 1.20: To 1.10 Or 1.30?
EUR/USD remains at the 1.20 crossroads after jumping higher, falling and recovering. Where next for the world’s most popular currency pair?
GBP/USD Slips Under 1.35 Amid More Mediocre Data, Rising US Yields
Pound/dollar remains under pressure and it is now trading under the round number of 1.35. At current levels, this is a drop of around 50 pips on the day. The low so far is 1.3489.
Vibe Coin Surges Some 400% On Binance Listing, Enters Top 100
A new cryptocurrency gains attention: Vibe. The Vibe Coin jumps by nearly 400% in its value as the Binance exchange, growing in its own merit, decided to include it in its exchange. Trading is available on Vibe against both Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Ripple Price Continues Crashing: Worth Half Of Ethereum
XRP/USD is now trading at only $1.75, extending the fall from the highs. The move higher was triggered by rumors of Coinbase inclusion and the move lower was sparked by a denial of such an inclusion.
WTI Crude Oil Highest Since December 2014
Oil prices have been on a gradual path of rises for quite some time.
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