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Q1 Earnings Season To Show Growth Acceleration
Article By: Sheraz Mian
Friday, March 16, 2018 8:11 PM EDT
The 2018 Q1 earnings season has gotten underway already. We have another 10 S&P 500 members with fiscal quarters ending in February on deck to report such 2018 Q1 results this week, including industry leaders like FedEx, Oracle, Nike and others.
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March Madness Eve
Article By: Bespoke Investment Group
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 4:15 PM EDT
Going back to 2004, markets volume on day one and two of the NCAA tournament are above average more often than they are below average. Despite rumors, Wall St. does not shut down.
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Winners And Losers In A Trade War
Article By: Marc Chandler
Monday, March 12, 2018 6:32 PM EDT
The prospects of a trade war have increased. The second year of the Trump Administration has begun with a serious provocation.
Is Cash No Longer Trash?
Article By: Charlie Bilello
Sunday, March 11, 2018 3:00 AM EDT
A positive real yield (yield above inflation rate) is something cash-like instruments have lacked during much of the past 9 years.
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Global Asset Allocation Update: Tariffs Don’t Warrant A Change…Yet
Article By: Joseph Calhoun
Saturday, March 10, 2018 9:00 AM EDT
There is no change to the risk budget this month. For the moderate risk investor the allocation to bonds is 50%, risk assets 45% and cash 5%.
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The U.S. Has A Huge Merchandise Surplus With China (And That's Okay)
Article By: Foundation For Economic Education
Friday, March 9, 2018 2:38 AM EDT
Historically, the nations that have been most competitive in trade have been those nations with the most liberal trade policies.
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Predictable Non-Residual Seasonality
Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
Thursday, March 8, 2018 5:33 PM EDT
If Americans have been using consumer credit as an increasing supplement to weak income growth, the savings rate would fall as an overall indication of that deficiency.
Stocks And ETFs In Strong Uptrends Now In A Weak Market
Article By: Richard Shaw
Monday, March 5, 2018 2:29 PM EDT
Small number of strongly up trending stocks shows weak overall market.
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What Could Go Wrong? Industrials And Materials Edition
Article By: The Heisenberg Report
Sunday, March 4, 2018 1:48 PM EDT
The materials and industrials sector has been underperforming and Goldman and Bank of America Merilll Lynch put out notes on the sector.
China’s Staggering Demand For Commodities
Article By: Jeff Desjardins
Friday, March 2, 2018 5:27 PM EDT
China is building often, and they are building higher. In fact, just last year, China completed 77 of the world’s 144 new supertall buildings, spread through 36 different Chinese cities.
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Send In The Canadians
Article By: Simon Lack
Thursday, March 1, 2018 12:56 PM EDT
Given the resurgence in U.S. hydrocarbon production in recent years, weakness in the sector that provides transportation, processing and storage was not inevitable.
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Did Low-Volatility Strategies Fail Investors?
Article By: Brad Zigler
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 10:57 AM EDT
A rebound to a more normal state was inevitable.
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The More Easily Understandable Dollar Process
Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 5:15 AM EDT
Hoarding cash is tight money action, even if intermittently markets take to trading on the contrary words.
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A Skeptical View Of The Impact Of The Fed’s Balance Sheet
Article By: James Hamilton
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 2:25 AM EDT
Assets held by the Federal Reserve quintupled between 2007 and 2014. The initial phase of this expansion took the form of emergency lending in the fall of 2008.
Unraveling Retirement Strategies: Variable Spending From A Volatile Portfolio
Article By: Dirk Cotton
Friday, February 23, 2018 1:43 PM EDT
Variable-spending strategies are similar to constant-dollar strategies in that they spend periodically from an investment portfolio but differ in that they spend a periodically updated amount based on portfolio performance.
Cash Makes A Comeback
Article By: Joe Arns
Thursday, February 22, 2018 5:00 PM EDT
The key change to the fixed-income markets is not the level of rates, but the fact that the yield curve is now essentially flat.
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