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Rangeley Capital invests with a margin of safety by buying securities at deep discounts to their intrinsic value and unlocking that value through corporate events.

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11 hours ago
elonmusk FredericLambert SwiftOnSecurity Do you have material non-public information that informs this view?
12 hours ago
morningmoneyben Congratulations. Enjoy the extra years.
13 hours ago
RT StocksOddball: Just published Issue 20 of the Oddball Stocks Newsletter! You can subscribe at and start reading…
13 hours ago
RT NRO: Asians at Harvard and the Manipulation of Statistics
18 hours ago
senatorshoshana Connecticut is just like that except with honeysuckles.
18 hours ago
RT RANDCorporation: "The challenge for NATO is not to deter Russia on any given day; it is to deter #Russia on the one day that war seems,…
23 hours ago
RT ceidotorg: Famed American economist Thomas Sowell understands the folly of putting steel tariffs on our allies. It's the last chance fo…
23 hours ago
RT HalSinger: Nice summary of the expected costs of Trump’s tariffs by byHeatherLong * The average U.S. family will pay $80 a year from…
1 day ago
megtirrell (seems pretty obviously a joke)