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Costco Likely To Emerge As A Strong Player In 2018
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Monday, January 15, 2018 10:58 AM EST
Costco continues to be one of the dominant retail wholesalers based on the breadth and quality of merchandise offered. In fact, the company’s strategy to sell products at heavily discounted prices has helped it to remain on growth track.
In this article: COST Also: GIII, WMT, ROST
Predicted Acceleration In DJIA Rise To Continue
Article By: Tony Hayes CFA
Monday, January 15, 2018 10:40 AM EST
No Meaningful DJIA Pull-Back expected this year or next. Trump’s forecast of 30,000 for the DJIA this year. – No big deal. DJIA price is accelerating towards its value of 42,186.
In this article: DIA, TYX
Gold & Gold Stocks Breakout In 2018
Video By: Jordan Roy-Byrne
Monday, January 15, 2018 8:09 AM EST
Gold is setting up for a major breakout in 2018 and the gold stocks and Silver are not far behind.
In this video: GDX, GDXJ, GLD, SLV
Rising Rates And MLPs: Not What You Think
Article By: Simon Lack
Sunday, January 14, 2018 2:52 PM EST
The long term relationship between MLPs and treasury yields is not a stable one. The correlation between rate changes and MLP returns has fluctuated over the years, reflecting that there’s a weak economic connection between the two.
Beware The Tales Of Techlash
Article By: Shelly Palmer
Sunday, January 14, 2018 12:20 PM EST
Tom Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, recently warned of the consequences of the strengthening “techlash” — the “backlash against major tech companies that is gaining strength … both at home and abroad."
In this article: BIDU, AAPL, GOOG, NFLX, BABA, FB
When Gold Goes Well
Article By: Mark Mead Baillie
Sunday, January 14, 2018 10:16 AM EST
As "bulled up" as Gold aficionados appear to be through these first nine trading days of the year, price being +2.5% is actually the second weakest "nine starting days performance" of the past five years.
In this article: GLD, SLV
We Welcome This New Market Trend: Both Interest And Economic Sensitive Markets Are Bullish
Article By: Taki Tsaklanos
Saturday, January 13, 2018 5:21 PM EST
The big challenge for investors is finding the ‘right’ moment to go long at the start, or right before, a new bull trend at a risk of being too early.
In this article: FCX, GLD
Use This Simple Strategy To Beat The Market In 2018
Article By: Chad Shoop
Friday, January 12, 2018 6:32 PM EST
I find myself overanalyzing the markets sometimes. So I’m happy to share with you today a very simple strategy you can use in 2018.
In this article: CVX, GE, IBM, KO, MRK, PFE, PG, VZ, XOM, CSCO
5 Top Vanguard Mutual Funds To Buy In 2018
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Friday, January 12, 2018 2:39 PM EST
In 2017, Vanguard Group emerged as the fastest-growing asset management firm for the sixth straight year.
In this article: VASVX, VDEQX, VHGEX, VQNPX, VWIGX Also: XLK
Macroeconomic Outlook For 2018 And Gold
Article By: Arkadiusz Sieroń
Friday, January 12, 2018 7:31 AM EST
Luckily or not, 2017 is behind us. It was a positive year for the gold market, as the yellow market gained more than 12 percent. However, investors are forward-looking, so let’s focus on what the coming months will bring.
In this article: GLD
My Financial Road Map For 2018
Article By: Nomi Prins
Thursday, January 11, 2018 2:54 PM EST
In last year’s roadmap, I forecast that 2017 would end with gold prices up and the dollar index down, both of which happened.
Energy Sector Predictions For 2018
Article By: Robert Rapier
Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:33 PM EST
Look for U.S. oil production to reach a new record high in 2018. Also look for the patience of Tesla investors to be tested this year.
In this article: OIL, UGA Also: TSLA
Traders Are Betting The Fed Is Wrong
Article By: Michael Carr
Thursday, January 11, 2018 1:25 AM EST
The weekly reports of traders’ positions let us see what the smart money is doing, and right now, the smart money is betting against the Fed.
In this article: TNX, SHY
2018: The Weakest Year In The Presidential Election Cycle Has Begun
Article By: Dimitri Speck
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 11:55 AM EST
You are probably aware of the influence US elections have on the stock market. After Donald Trump was elected president, a particularly strong rally in stock prices ensued.
In this article: DJI
U.S. Fixed Income: Will 2018 Be Any Different?
Article By: WisdomTree
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 9:16 AM EST
From a Federal Reserve (Fed) perspective, the policy makers seem to be on track for at least two rate hikes this year, with the potential for three (the FOMC’s December 2017 projection is for three increases).
2018 Could Be Another Knockout Year For Emerging Europe
Article By: Frank Holmes
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 3:26 PM EST
Emerging markets had a gangbusters year in 2017, surging more than 37.5 percent with dividends reinvested, as measured by the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Emerging economies in Asia, Europe and elsewhere eke out their best year since 2010.
In this article: EEM, EUROX
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